Welcome to The Weathervane Co.

We create stunning, custom-made weathervanes that are as unique as your home. Each weathervane is meticulously handcrafted in Essex, using traditional blacksmithing techniques and the talents of local artists.

Custom designs or requests

Work with us to create a completely bespoke piece that brings your vision to life.

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Why Choose The Weathervane Co.?

Made to Order

Every weathervane is built to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your home.

Unparalleled Quality

We take pride in creating weathervanes the old-fashioned way, using time-tested techniques and the finest materials. 

Local Artisanship

Our talented artists bring your vision to life with beautiful and durable enamel paintings.

Built to Last

All our weathervanes are made using a multi-step process of electric plating and powder coating, which is regarded as having 30 years of rust & corrosion protection.

Non electric plated steel vanes typically last 2 years before rusting occurs.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our weathervanes all over the world, so you can enjoy a piece of British craftsmanship no matter where you live.