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  • Made in the UK since '73
  • Hand crafted to order
  • Protected up to 30 years


Cycling Racing Bicycle

Cycling Racing Bicycle

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Product description

Cyclist Racing Bike Weathervane

Genuine high quality substantial steel weather vanes made to order in the UK since 1973. We pride ourselves on our unique designs, our knowledge with attention to detail and quality. Built to last the UK climate, wind and weather.

For more details on our weathervanes, a size guide, our fittings explained, the production process and finishing treatments, please see below.

See the various size options and fittings above, the price will re-calculate upon selection. 

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Quality without Compromise

Beautiful, handcrafted weathervanes built to last the test of time

What are our weathervanes made from?

High precision laser cut design from 2mm steel directly mounted onto a strong steel mast for a clean and seamless look.

What's included in your order?

The chosen design comes complete with the mounting bracket of choice, steel mast, North/South and East/West cardinal points, steel bearing, copper grease sachet, and fitting instructions.

How long will it take?

Each weathervane is made to order, as such please allow up to 4 weeks from order to delivery. 


Proudly made and shipped from Essex, UK. Shipping is calculated at checkout, please get in touch if you have any questions.

From Sketch to Sky: The Journey of Your Weathervane

A look behind the scenes at our traditional craftsmanship and meticulous process.

How It's Made

Buying Guide

We've put together all the information you'll need, from size guides to fitting instructions.

  • Petite

    Measuring 40cm across the cardinal points N to S, this size is suitable for sheds, greenhouses pergolas, conservatories or small garages and outbuildings. Unlike our two larger sizes, Petite weathervanes have a single ended scroll.

  • Medium

    Measuring 55cm across the cardinal points N to S and suitable for use on garages, stables, bungalows, other single storey buildings and two storey small houses.

  • Large

    Measuring 70cm across the cardinal points N to S and suitable for use on barns & two storey buildings.

  • Black

    All of our metal work is zinc electric plated with an added passivate process prior to powder coating to ensure longevity. This is important to ensure it withstands our British weather and stays looking great for up to 30 years.

  • Gold Leaf Effect

    You also have the option to add gold leaf style painted lettering to the cardinal points. The gold leaf effect is hand painted by a local artist using tough enamel paint, which has been designed to withstand typical British weather.

  • Petite 'L' Bracket

    Simple 50mm projected L bracket, only for petite designs. Very adaptable to many places, ideal for shed roof, summer houses. 8mm steel post that is 30cm tall plus the bracket.

  • Petite Wood Screw

    This fitting is best designed for going into a post, be it centre point of a gazebo or fence post. 8mm steel post that is 30cm tall with 50mm wood screw.

  • Gable End

    Designed to go on the gable end of your building. This fitting also works on chimneys and most vertical walls. This is the most universal fitting, so ideal for gifts. The mast is 12mm diameter steel with M12 Thread.

    • Medium 18" (45cm) tall with 6" projection, ideal for medium vanes.
    • Large 24" (60cm) tall with the additional T piece, best for large vanes.
    • XLarge 28" (70cm) tall with an 8" projection including T piece.
  • Side Plate

    Side plate measuring 3" by 5" with four 8mm precut holes, fixed to a steel mast with a 12mm diameter. If you are at all unsure, the Gable End is a more universal option for wall fixing.

    • Medium 18" (45cm) tall
    • Large at 24" (60cm) tall
  • Post Fixing

    Design to go on top of a wooden or metal post, these are often used on fence posts, at the centre of gazebos or garden houses. This comprises of a 12mm diameter mast (8mm for petite) with a 2.5" sqaure plate of 5mm thick steel.

    • Petite 12" tall (30cm)
    • Medium 18" tall (45cm)
    • Large 24" tall (60cm)
  • Ridge Fixing

    This fitting is designed to saddle the 1.5" wide ridge beam which is beneath the ridge tiles. Please note that it requires removal and refitting of tiles (unless the property is a new build). A 12mm diameter steel mast.

    • Medium 18" tall (45cm)
    • Large 24" tall (60cm)
  • Clock Tower Fitting

    The 24" Clock Tower is 12" tall (30cm) above the roofline plus 12" (30cm) of substantial 12mm thread below the roof line. Designed primarily for clock towers, these have also been suited to some gazebo designs or similar garden buildings.

    Designed for M/L/XL for petite we suggest wood screw.

  • Custom Designed Fixing

    Have a more specialist request in mind? Our talented blacksmiths will be able to help.

    Either reach out to us before placing your order, or let us know your needs in the 'Notes' section at checkout and a member of our team will be in touch.

Custom designs or requests

Work with us to create a completely bespoke piece that brings your vision to life.

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